John Wesley Hill

John Wesley Hill was born in Montfort, Wisconsin, on October 18, 1878. “Wes,” as he was known by friends and family, was the fifth child born to John and Mary Ann Watson Hill and was their second son. He grew up and made his living in the farm lands of Southwestern Wisconsin near Livingston, and on November 28, 1907, he married Mary Snyder. Mary was a sister of Harry Snyder who would later marry Wes’ sister Bessie in 1914.

Wes and Mary lived and worked on the home farm where he was raised, and he became an active member of the farming community. He was the organizer and first president of the Livingston Co-op.
Mary Snyder Hill died early in life in 1923, and so Wes was left alone to raise their three sons—Everett (1909), Charles (1914), and Alvin (1917). Several years later he met and married Elva Hillard in 1932. Wes and Elva are shown here in a photo taken later in life.
As noted above, the marriage of Wes and Mary produced three sons and eventually six grandchildren, one of whom is shown below with Wes in a photo taken in 1942. John Wesley Hill died in Dodgeville on January 14, 1951, and he is buried in the Rock Church Cemetery on the outskirts of Livingston.
Sons of Wes and Mary Hill (l-r): Everett, Alvin, and Charles
Charles and Alvin Hill
Everett Hill
Wes Hill and Granddaughter Dorothy--1942