Mabel Edna Hill Clark

Mabel Edna Hill was born in Montfort, Wisconsin, on October 8, 1883. She was the seventh child born to John and Mary Ann Hill and their fourth daughter. She married Ward Clark, the son of Sidney Clark who owned and operated a veterinary hospital. They lived in Canistota, South Dakota, where Mabel worked as a school teacher.

Mabel Hill Clark posing with her five sisters--Mabel is the back row at the right

Mabel Hill Clark in her classroom at Hopewell School, 1955-56
Mabel Hill and Ward Clark had two children. Ward Clark, Jr. was born on July 19, 1912, and Edna Alice Clark was born five years later on November 12, 1917. Edna Hill later married Walter Neil Evans on February 9, 1940, and they had two sons and a daughter. Ward Watson Clark, Jr. married and had four children—two sons and two daughters. Ward Clark Jr. worked as an attorney in South Dakota before retiring to Austin, Texas, and he played an important role in the candidacy of George MeGovern when he ran for president. Here is a link to a brief biography of Ward Clark, Jr.

Mabel with her chidren Ward Jr. and Edna
Ward Clark, Jr. and Edna

Mabel Hill Clark died in Norfolk, Virginia, on July 22, 1960, and was buried in Canistota, South Dakota. A memorial service was held in Montfort, Wisconsin, before her body was taken to South Dakota for a second memorial service and burial.

Bess Hill, John Hil, and Mabel Hill Clark with Ward Jr. and Edna
Taken just after the death of Mabel's husband Ward Clark


Mabel Hill Clark with her niece, Lucille Washburn
Max Washburn and Ward Clark, Jr.


Hill Sisters Mabel and Bess
Mabel Hill Clark and Lillian Hill Washburn