Victor Charles Hill

Victor Charles Hill, the youngest of five sons born to John and Mary Ann Hill, was born in Montfort, Wisconsin, on December 6, 1886. Per two of his sons (Don and Jerry), Victor's middle name Charles was not given to him by his parents, but was one he adopted later in life because he felt he needed a middle initial/name. It is not known if he took the legal steps to officially add the middle name. Nor is it known if each of his siblings added their own middle names, or were given them at birth.
Victor attended the Hopewell School and later Montfort High School before enrolling in the Platteville Normal School where he graduated in 1908. Victor was active in varsity football and he enjoyed playing other sports during his school days.

Victor Hill and his four brothers--Victor is seated in the front row center

Victor Hill as a young man
Following graduation from college, he was a teacher, coach, and principal in several schools in Minnesota and Wisconsin, When the United States entered World War I, Victor joined the Army and served until he was discharged in 1919. After the war, he married Emma Grace Carr of Yankton, South Dakota, on June 3, 1919. The ceremony took place in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Victor Charles Hill
Emma Carr Hill

Victor continued his teaching career for a few more years and then turned to the insurance and real estate business where he forged a very successful career that spanned forty years. During that time, he was cited for his leadership qualities and dedication to the companies he served. Victor was a member of the Montfort Methodist Church, the Masonic Lodge, and the American Legion.
Victor and Emma had four sons who grew up to live productive lives of their own—Warren Lewis (1921), Harry Victor (1922), Donald Wain (1924), and Jerry Allen (1931). They also had a son named Victor Charles, Jr. who was born and died in 1920. Since he believed that service to the community was important as he raised his sons, Victor was an active member of the local school board, the village board, and the official board of the Methodist Church that he and his family attended.

Warren and Maida Hill
Harry Hill and daughters Heidi, Harriet, and Hannah
Don and Phyllis Hill with their children
Jerry and Jeanene Hill

Victor Hill died in Montfort on December 30, 1966, and he is buried in the Rock Church Cemetery in nearby Livingston. Emma Grace Hill lived for several more years and later died in Lancaster on May 8, 1974. They had 9 grandchildren.

Vic and Emma Hill later in life

Hannah Hill Rudstam with husband Lars Rudstam and sons Lars Victor and Per Gosta, 1987

Don Hill and David Pearson at the 1997 Livingston-Watson Reunion

Peter Hoegg, Harry Hill, Keith Pearson and David Pearson--1997 L/W Reunion

Don Hill, Don's son, and Harry Hill at the 1995 Livingston-Watson Memorial Service