News Clippings from Past Reunions


Here are some short news clippings related to past family reunions and other special events hosted by the Livingston Watson Family Association:

The 1928 L/W reunion was held on August 8 and 9 (Wednesday and Thursday) in the traditional location--the village park in the center of town. Anna L. Burton was the association secretary and she is the person who prepared the news release for the local paper. You can click here to view an image of the entire newspaper clipping.
In preparation for the 1929 family reunion, Mrs. John Kramer and Mrs. Bessie Snyder traveled to Livingston to plan the annual event. Preliminary dates were set--August 13 and 14--and the program would feature the traditional memorial service at the Old Rock Church followed by lunch and a business meeting. Among the program items was a travelogue by Anna Burton related to her trip to Ireland. An image of the entire newspaper clipping is here.
Here is the article that was printed in the local paper before the 1929 reunion. It describes a minstrel show on Wednesday evening under the direction of Anne Hocking Smith and includes information about the memorial service led by Mrs. John Kramer that was planned for Thursday morhing. The grand finale for Thursday night was "How the Story Grew" arranged by Anne Hocking Smith. Click here to view the entire newspaper clipping.
News about the 1930 L/W family reunion was included in a column in the local paper dealing with Livingston events. The events once again spanned two days, and the reporter noted that attendance was strong. The article also includes the names of family members who came from out of the area to attend the reunion. Click here to view an image of the complete article.